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Lakitas de la Tirana - Andean Panflute (Siku/Zampona)

About the Piece

This is an andean festival piece performed originally on laca panpipes (or zamponas), while here I am performing it on a siku panpipe. The various panpipes of the andean region all bear many similarities and often it is difficult to tell them apart if you are unfamiliar with the culture.

This was recorded by my dear friend and mentor Leonardo Garcia at the Festival of the Virgin of la Tirana in the sanctuary of la Tirana (Northern Chile).


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Let's understand the musical context a little!

When studying, performing, and listening to world musics, it's important to understand the cultural context. It's not just about the music itself, but the people and social environment that give rise to it.

Andean Panpipes:


I'm performing here on the siku, perhaps the most globalised type of andean panpipe.


The laca is similar, but is usually smaller, played at faster tempos, more staccato, and by younger individuals.

Musical traditions:


Traditionally, only men play instruments while women dance and sing.

Festival music:

Traditional Panpipe music is often composed and performed for specific festivals. This piece was recorded by my teacher Leonardo Garcia in 2002 at the Festival of la Tirana in Northern Chile.

Naming the music:

Panpipe music is traditionally recognised by their melody, and many do not have names. This one simply titled 'Lakitas de la Tirana' meaning laca music performed at la Tirana .

Music Score:

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Until next time, I'll see you again!

By Neil Chan


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