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lived experiences

painted on canvas

transformed into music

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journey pieces

Music has the power to articulate and express emotions. It is my pleasure to work alongside individuals from all walks of life, sharing and emoting their life journeys through music and visual arts.

The conceptualisation of journey pieces all started in 2019 when I took on an intensive six-month long project to share the stories of individuals in the Little India cultural precinct of Singapore.

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The Process

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Collaborative Creation: Journey Scores

Participants took on the role of composer and conductor by painting their Life Journeys on canvas as Neil responded with live music to variations of each stroke, colour, and shape. 

Narrative Storytelling: Life Journeys


Participants then narrated their Life Journeys as depicted by their Journey Scores to camera. Each narration was recorded, to be used in the final music composition.


Composition & Production: Journey Pieces

Using each Journey Score as graphic notation, I then compose, record, and produce the music to accompany the oral narration of each participant.

Musical Style & Concept

Completely improvised on the guitar, voice, and panflute, elements of world music are infused into the music to bring each Journey Piece to life.


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