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Guitarist Resources

Enjoy these FREE resources to guide you along your fingerstyle guitar journey!

There are FOUR guides that work together to provide you a complete and seamless process to arrange any song for solo fingerstyle guitar.

They are designed to work alongside the Fingerstyle for the World course, which will guide you on HOW to effectively apply the materials presented in the guides.

The guides

Your fingerstyle arrangement journey begins here!

7 steps to arranging your favourite songs with endless permutations, clearly outlined for you to follow.

‎Fingerstyle Arrangement Guide.jpeg

Fingerstyle Arrangement

Everything you need to play melodies, the core of component of every song!

Detailed and systematic diagrams to master scale positions over the entire fretboard.

‎Scale - Melody Guide.jpeg

Scale - Melody

Have full control over your harmonies with endless chord shapes.

Illustrated diagrams for all essential open and movable chord shapes, allowing you to play in all keys seamlessly.

‎Chord - Harmony Guide.jpeg

Chord - Harmony

Master solfege syllables and develop pitch awareness to map them onto scales.

Birds-eye view of all chords constructed on each note of the scale, allowing you to better hear harmonies as well!

‎Solfege - Musicianship Guide.jpeg

Solfege - Musicianship

Ready to begin?

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