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I'm a world musician who harnesses the power of music to connect people and impact lives.

Artistically, I blend music cultures around the world, sharing personal lived experiences and expressing stories through Journey Pieces and Scripture Songs.

I also aim to help fingerstyle guitarists around the world become better musicians, enabling them to use music as a means of creative expression.

What is fusion fingerstyle?

It's blending musical cultures around the world and adapting them to my own unique hybrid style on the acoustic guitar.


The acoustic guitar's versatility as a melodic stringed instrument and a giant wooden box enables me to fuse Indian drum rhythms with flamenco strumming techniques and jazz harmonies.

Focusing on the four musical cultures below, I also compliment my playing with my voice and the siku (Andean Panflute).







Inward to outward

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


That was my ultimate goal when I first decided to pursue music.

However, as I delved deeper into music I realised its potential to express emotions in ways words simply could not. I discovered this in the most personal way - fighting my own emotional demons in the darkest of times.

I had a revelation - my initial ambition was all about myself. I sought the admiration I would achieve as a RESULT of music, and not music itself.

That's when I decided to humble myself and acknowledge my own selfishness.


Now I choose to use my passion for music to bless others through sharing inspiring life journeys, biblical scripture, and educating guitarists around the world.

Music outreach

I believe that doing good unto others is essential to one's flourishing as a human being.

Not only that, it inspires those you impact to continue giving and showing kindness to others.

I've been blessed to be able to engage with communities all over the world through music, and in the process build meaningful relationships and immerse myself in their cultural practices.


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Multicultural Singapore

Born and raised in Singapore, my experiences growing up on this multicultural island greatly influenced my musical style and appreciation of cultural differences.

I've had the opportunity to work alongside the various ethnic communities here, studying their musical practices and engaging in cross-cultural collaborations.


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