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Private Lessons

Lessons personally tailored to suit your learning style and goals.

I strongly believe in training my students to become musicians, not just guitarists.


With that in mind I have designed my syllabus to cover technique, theory, and musicianship to provide you with the most holistic education possible.

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- Pop and jazz harmony (Basic to Advanced)

- Scales/modes and their application

- Concepts of functional harmony



- Develop listening skills through ear training

- Understand concepts of melody and harmony

- Learn to transcribe and read music


- Arrange and play your favourite tunes

- Improvise over any song

- Refine left and right-hand techniques

And much more...

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Where are in-person lessons held?

Lessons are held at my studio in Singapore.

How long are lessons?

Lessons are between 60-120 minutes long, held weekly.

How much are lessons?

Drop me an email to enquire about rates!

How do I sign up?

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