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Private Lessons with Neil


Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

Learn essential skills for fingerstyle guitar, specifically tailored to your needs to help you progress in the best way possible.

Technique Focus:

- Arrange and play your favourite tunes

- Improvise over any song

- Refine left and right-hand techniques

- Fundamental and advanced plucking/strumming styles

Musicianship Focus:

- Develop listening skills through ear training

- Understand concepts of melody and harmony

- In-depth rhythmic analysis of songs

- Learn to transcribe and read music

Theory Focus:

- Pop and jazz harmony (Basic to Advanced)

- Scales/modes and their application

- Concepts of functional harmony

And much more...!


Vocal Lessons

Discover your voice and develop your technique, digging deep into fine details and theoretical elements of vocal production.

Understand your vocal instrument

Approach your voice as a musical instrument, understanding the essential components that make it work.


Learn the four pillars of vocal production: 


- Respiration

- Phonation


- Resonance

Technique Focus:

- Correct bad habits and refine your technique

- Learn effective ways to practice

- Understand optimum postures for singing

- Expanding your range by bridging vocal registers

Musicianship Focus:

- Develop listening skills through ear training

- Understand basic and complex rhythms

Explore transcription and sight-singing

Theory Focus:

- Learn to harmonise with other singers

- Understand anatomy of the vocal instrument

- Sing with an understanding of musical concepts

And much more...!

Lesson Details


Where are lessons held?

Lessons are held at the NCM studio at 9 Lichfield Road, Singapore 556829 (inside Heirlooms Music)

How long are lessons?

Lessons are 60 minutes long, held weekly

How much are lessons?

Individual Private lessons: $300 per 4 x 1-hour weekly lesson

Payments are made on a monthly basis

How do I sign up?

Fill up the form below or send me an email at neilchanmusic@gmail.com

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