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Little India Journeys

Journeying with Joyce

Prior to the session Joyce assured me that she had a quiet space for recording our collaborative creation process, right above her meat shop along Buffalo Road. Lugging my guitar and recording equipment and weaving my way through the narrow and bustling five-foot ways, I was thinking: "how could there be possibly be a quiet space in this place?".

Arriving at the SIS Premium Meats Pte. Ltd., I noted the narrow staircase leading up to the second floor. I ascended, and as Joyce welcomed me into her office I was immediately greeted with peace and serenity amid the chaos below. However, what struck me the most was how beautifully and lusciously purple her entire studio was.

In one of my less enlightened moments I asked the obvious question: "is purple your favourite colour?", to which she replied with a definite "yes!".

Joyce + Neil.JPG

Besides being an incredibly high achieving woman, Joyce was very friendly and accommodating, specially taking time off her busy schedule to meet me. All this while nursing a cold and just returning from leading a team retreat in Malaysia.

I fondly recall that by the end of our session I felt very thankful to Joyce for her willingness to open up her life to me, sharing her very eventful and personal Little India Journey. 

Neil Chan

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