Quiet Nature

Coney Island

Nature and Quiet

Amidst the many many ways we are different from each other, a key love that we both share is that of nature and quiet. Our nature escapades began when Neil asked Vera to accompany him to Berlayer Creek mangrove for his class 'Natural Heritage of Singapore'. Since then, we've always made a point to frequently spend time with nature together, strolling across Coney Island, sitting by the river at Punggol Container Park, walking around Pulau Ubin for over 5 hours, the list goes on.

As much as we enjoy staying in Singapore, it's pace of life and busyness aren't ideal for us (especially for Neil who is accustomed to a slower Malaysian pace). We decided that since we're going to stay in Singapore for the foreseeable future, we're going to live in the most ulu-inaccessible-quiet-close-to-nature place! We're looking forward to our home where we can make friends with wild otters and walk 10 minutes to get to the nearest LRT station. 

Our house

A Call to Missions

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