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Music in Singapore


What is 'Singaporean Music'?

Until today, there probably isn't a good or agreeable answer to the question of what exactly Singaporean music is. Perhaps there isn't even such a thing to speak of, or perhaps Singapore as a nation is far too young to have its own distinct musical culture. However, my experiences as a musician born and raised in Singapore has made me realise that there is something quite significant happening here musically. For one, there is a tremendous amount of music taking place here everyday, and it's not the so much the quantity of music but the sheer variety that excites me. 

My research aims to discover and develop the idea of a distinct Singaporean musical culture. However, my argument is that it's a little bit different from how you would typically imagine a geographically bound musical culture. Singapore's music is hybrid in nature, and proudly so. It is an intentional and natural blend of a myriad of cultures that is unique in itself while still embracing each individual part that makes up the whole.

In the course of my work I aim to document the musical practices of various cultures in Singapore, participate actively in these activities, develop my own interpretation of hybrid music, and have lots of fun enjoying and making music in and about Singapore!

Research in progress: 

Check back in a while as I discover how musical cultures from all around the world have found their place in the little red dot that is Singapore!