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Hybridity in Music

What is Hybrid Music?

Put simply, hybrid music refers to the blending of multiple styles of music. However, similar to how any relationship is formed, there has to be mutual understanding and fair amounts of give-and-take between each party. This is what I strive to achieve with my music - an intentional and meaningful blend of various musical cultures from all around the world.

While I study multiple styles of music and play a number of instruments, my ultimate artistic goal is to create hybrid music - music that is in itself a blend and that has every intention of staying that way. It is not my goal to develop my music into a 'pure' entity in itself, but to embrace its multi-faceted hybrid nature.


Primary Styles



Fingerstyle Guitar

My roots lie in fingerstyle guitar, which is the music I first started playing and composing. This style involves extended techniques on the acoustic guitar including alternate tunings, two-handed fretboard tapping, and various percussive effects. Today, my hybrid music is built upon a foundation of fingerstyle technique, expanded with new instruments and theoretical elements from various musical cultures.

Instrumental EP

An instrumental album of five original fingerstyle guitar tracks. These are the first five songs I've ever composed and produced, I invite you to have a listen!

I am currently only selling limited physical copies of my EP at my shows. If you wish to purchase one, please drop me an email to enquire, thank you!