Godliness in our Relationship

As our friendship grew we began to spend more and more time with each other - studying, eating, talking, and just sitting in silence. It was blissful. For Neil, it was perhaps too blissful, because being more emotionally driven, he simply smiled to himself in the joy of having a great and meaningful friendship - someone he could actually call his best friend. You see, in your darkest moments, that someone is willing to spend hours each day in companionship, accepting you in all your faults, even whilst not understanding them, meant a truly loving friendship. And it was true, Neil openly shared with Vera that he loved her a lot and treasured their friendship.

And by love, we aren't referring to passion, to lust, or momentary emotional highs. No, the love felt was long-lasting and slowly cultivated, a genuine desire to help and serve one another.

But Vera, being more intellectually driven, knew in her head and heart that this joyful friendship wasn't something that could last forever - it had to go somewhere. A Christ-like relationship between a male and female meant that either careful boundaries had to be drawn to not succumb to the temptations of lust and invite careless gossip, or the pair would choose to honour God and one another by covenanting their relationship through marriage.

That's when we met at Daily Scoop, bought two scoops of ice-cream, and talked. We decided that our friendship could not continue, at least not at the level of closeness we were at. It was the most difficult and heart-wrenching conversation we've ever had, but it was also wonderfully in God's long-term plan to help us recognise our need for Him - to guide us in every step of our relationship, to look to Him and not to our fleeting emotions and worldly ideals.

Becoming Friends Again

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